- proxy access
 - socks, http proxy, ssh tunnel
 - unlimited traffic

 - from just 3.90 / month!
 - proxy & VPN access
 - includes OpenVPN and PPTP
 - perfect privacy and encryption
 - optional external / official IP (free!)
 - unlimited traffic
 - from just 7.90 / month!

Welcome to SurfoNym!

  • Wanna surf the web anonymous and secure?
  • Do you live in a country with internet censorship?
  • Do you want to prevent your boss from reading your private email and every website you watch?
  • Do you want to circumvent (enterprise-) firewalls and use chats, filesharing tools, ICQ, Skype, BitTorrent and other services? Do you want to view every website and not just the one you are supposed to?

    SurfoNym offers various products to do just that! Don't let them spy on you any longer and surf anonymously starting from € 4 per month.

    We worked on our help section and included lots of documentation, howtos and tutorials to assist you with our products and technologies. In our download area you can find many useful tools. Of course you can also contact our support if you have questions.

    Anonymizing tips and howto